Corporate Membership

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Elk Lake Heritage Preserve's
Corporate Memberships

Hunting $800
Fishing $800
Combination hunting/fishing $1500

Tax not included
Hunting & Combination members must buy a minimum of 75 pheasants

Benefits of Corporate Memberships

No limit on the number of guests for hunting with hunting membership - includes employees, their immediate families, as well as corporate guests. Arrangements may be made with a phone call from a contact person.
No limit on the number of guests for fishing with fishing membership (same qualifications apply).
Reduced prices on birds and fish with appropriate membership.
Hunting members may buy pre-purchase pheasants in quantity at a substantial savings during April. There is no extra charge on pre-purchased pheasants if they are used by the last day of December.
Hunting members may scratch hunt without having to release birds and receive a substantially reduced price on scratch birds, providing fields are available.
Hunting members may work their dogs in specified fields during the summer months, with chukar often available for training and hunting maintenance purposes.
Corporate members may use the Heritage Room and the grounds outside free of charge (call for availability).
Corporate members receive a 6% reduction on Main Lodge rental.