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Tri-State Map
We are 20 miles west of Alexandria and I-94 on MN Hwy #27, just North of Hoffman, MN
For GPS users, coordinates have not always proven accurate, so if you get lost, just give us a call at 320-986-2200 and we will be glad to assist!  Or, scroll down for written directions.

mqmapgen2_v4.gif (37807 bytes)

Directions from Alexandria to ELHP:
Go west on 27 to Hoffman, take a right on County 5 between "Bullfrog's Bar & Grill" and the railroad tracks (you've gone too far if you cross the tracks).  Go about 4 miles and you will see the ELHP sign on the right.  Turn right onto the gravel and then the first left turn is ELHP.

Directions from Fergus Falls to ELHP:
Take 59 to Barrett, turn left at the only major intersection in Barrett (by the bank and Tesoro), follow the tar about 5 miles to the T.  Turn right and go about a mile until you see the ELHP sign on the left-hand side of the road.  Turn left on the gravel and then the first left turn is ELHP.

mqmapgen_v4.gif (23924 bytes)  Hoffman - Barrett Area Map  -  North of Hoffman,   East of Barrett, between Torstenson and Church Lakes.  (click map to enlarge)

mqmapgen3_v4.gif (13395 bytes)  Torstenson - Church - Olson Lakes Area Map  -  North of Hoffman 5 miles on County Hwy 5.  ELHP Headquarters is located on the South shore of Torstenson Lake.  (click map to enlarge)